Drafting Services

  • Curtainwall Shop Drawings & Erection Drawings
    • Fabrication Drawings
    • Die Drawings
    • Assembly Details
    • Mock-Up Drawings
    • As-Built Drawings
  • Stone and Marble Cladding Systems ◦Truss Shop Drawings
    • Truss Fabrication Drawings
    • Stone and Marble Fabrication Drawings

Design, Structural Analysis and Value Engineering

  • Custom System Design
  • Glass Curtainwall, Window Wall Systems, Stick Frame, and Unitized Systems
    • Steel Clad Systems
    • Structural Glass Systems
    • Insert / Embed Systems
  • Operable Window Systems
  • Skylights and Canopies
  • Structural Glass Floor Systems
  • Louver Systems
  • Handrails and Guardrail Systems
  • Retrofit Curtainwall Systems
  • Granite and Marble Facades ◦Steel Strong Back System
    • Granite and Marble Design

Engineering Design Expertise

  • Structural Design & Consulting: ◦Custom System Designs
  • Project Management and Job-Site Observations
  • Windload, Snowload, Live Load and DeadLoad Analysis
  • Blast Mitigation based upon UFC and GSA Specifications
  • Hurricane Impact Analysis
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Seismic Design
  • Third-Party Compliance Review

Masonry Facades

  • Precast Concrete Panel Design
    • Inserts / Embeds
  • Aluminum and Composite Panel Systems
  • Stucco and EIFS Systems
  • Custom Exterior Skin Systems
  • Light-Gauge Metal Design Back-Up Systems

Glass and curtain wall temporary and permanent renovation consulting services

  • Surveys
  • Failure investigation and documentation services
  • Recommendations for renovation
  • For more services, refer to CES Consulting Division